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January 11, 2020

December 31, 2022


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My mission is to bring awareness to people who are thinking about using Hughesnet as the internet provider and save them the torment that others have gone through. It is my goal to get enough signatures and complaints that I can then turn this over to the Florida State Attorney General Ashley Moody.  

Hopefully by having all of these documented complaints and signatures this can go before the court and get a ruling in favor of the all od the consumers who were mislead and treated unfairly. Once this happens other states will follow and then this will bring a change to how Hughesnet and others do business in the future and possibly be charged a hefty fine. As of now there is no action being taken against Hughesnet. The only action is people posting negative reviews and comments and that is not going to whatsoever change the way Hughesnet misleads customers.

Event Description

1/Are you trying to use Hughesnet as your internet provider?

2/Do you feel like you were mislead by the representative that you spoke to on the phone prior to the installation?

3/Did you sign a contract that you were not aware of?

4/When the service was installed and you were asked to sign by the installer, were you under the pretense that you were just signing something that was to show that the installer was there and had finished the installation and now Hughesnet it telling you that that was when you signed the contract?

5/When you call Hughesnet to cancel the internet because you are not satisfied with how slow it is and are you being told that there is a $400.00 cancellation fee?

6/Is your internet connection extremely slow and always buffering.

7/When you try to watch a Youtube video do you have to watch it in 144p because it constantly buffers at a higher quality?

8/ When you try to stream a movie online does it constantly buffer making it impossible to watch?

9/Are you totally unhappy with Hughesnet and you feel like you were mislead?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you have been caught and trapped in Hughes Net!

You may ask yourself, well how do I get out of this tangled mess, right?

One option is to pay the cancellation fee. It starts out at $400.00 and then it decreases $15.00 for every month of service thereafter.

Here is my story…

I live in Dunnellon, Florida and I decided to call Hughesnet after getting a promo card in the mail. I read it and it mentioned all of the things that I knew I wanted. I then called Hughesnet and talked to the sales rep and she mentioned there were different packages. She also mentioned about the service plan. There was a fee that you would have to pay just in case you need to have your internet repaired. There were 2 different ones that you could choose from. I was dumbfounded that I should have to pay at all for servicing their equipment but thank God I fell for it and purchased the premium plan for around $12.00 a month, otherwise I could have been charged whatever the contractor charged me. After answering a few questions, such as how many people lived in the house, do I play games online, how many devices do we own and would be using to connect to the internet. I told her it was just me and my girlfriend who would be using the service but only in the evening because we both worked during the day. I also told her we do not play online games and would just use the internet to watch movies on Netflix and Hulu and also to go on our desktop computer to visit Facebook, Youtube etc. She then told me that the 2oGB a month plan would be the one she would recommend to use. I said great and we set up a date for the installation. There was never ever a discussion about a contract of a free 30 day trial! On the day of the installation I was not there and my girlfriend called me and said the installer was there and was still installing the dish. When I got home the installer was just finishing up the installation and was loading all of his stuff up and into his truck. He was tired and spent a few hours on the installation because he had to mount the satellite dish on a stand in the yard and not on the roof. I asked him if everything was good and did he check to make sure the dish was aligned correctly and getting a good signal, he said yes. He then was getting ready to load up some final things and leave and then he had me supposebly sign my name on a piece of paper. I do not remember doing this but after talking to Hughesnet customer services they said that I did. Even if I did remember signing it, in know way shape or form would I have thought I was signing a 2 year contract for internet. If he was going to have me signed that type of agreement he should have mentioned it and also cleaned himself up and perhaps went into my house and sat down and professionally gone over the agreement and contract. I then would have told him right then and there that I was not signing it, Period! After having the internet service for about 2 days I noticed right away how slow it was especially after trying to watch just one movie on Netflix. I then became very frustrated and called them and told them I no longer wanted their internet service and they said they were going to do some tests over the phone, I even spoke to someone in the Philippines who did tech support and had me do some tests over the phone on my computer.This went on for a few weeks and never did it get any better. We just gave up and was so stressed out and then I called them again and complained and they sent out a repair guy a few days later who checked it out. (I soon found out the hard way that this was their way of getting me passed that free 30 day trial period where I could cancel my service). He was a contractor that Hughesnet hires to do repairs. He was in my house and told me my connection was really horrible. He then called into Hughesnet and told them to add a few tokens to my account to speed up my connection. He said to me over and over again how sorry he was that I was going through all of this.I recorded all of this on video and it clearly shows how he feels about the entire situation as well as some other comments he made about the contract, etc. I am thinking about releasing this to show everyone who has gone through the same issue and to also help others make the right decision before hiring Hughesnet. After growing frustrated I learned from a neighbor that he once had Hughesnet and now just uses his mobile hotspot on his smartphone. I would just like say that I use Sprint as my mobile carrier and have hotspot on it. I never really used this feature before and let me tell you it works really great. I get 50GB a month and when I use it to stream movies on the internet it lasts a long time. I can easily watch movies at night and also go on the internet, including Youtube and watch in HD. I go on My Sprint app and view its usage in realtime and I never run out. I recently purchased a Roku and now I have numerous streams we watch, including Hulu, which I get for free on Sprint. In case you didn’t know this is the way of the future. More people then ever before are dropping their internet provider and just using their cellphone hotspot and I was told when 5G is officially available its going to be lightning fast. In closing I just want to say I still have my internet with Hughesnet but that I no longer use it. I can’t afford to pay them now $385.00 to cancel it. After doing some research online I came across this website DITLife.com. I noticed you could start a cause or movement on it and that’s what I intend to do.

*** If You Feel You Were Unfairly Taken Advantage of By Hughesnet, I Want You To Sign and Join This Petition***

I would like to start a class action case to be brought to the attention of Ashley Moody, Attorney General for the State of Florida. Hopefully after getting this matter heard and ruled on in the state of Florida this will help to get a bill passed in other states as well. Remember strength is in numbers and unfortunately that is the only way to sound off and be heard and get laws changed.


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If you feel you were mislead by Hughesnet and want to join this movement then please send me your information and include your contact information.

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